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Talking about Stress Avoidance Measures in the Manufacturing Process of Motor Parts
TIME:2021-09-15 17:21     PV:522

[Guide] For motor products, when the shaft has different size sections, the stress will be concentrated in the abrupt change of the cross-sectional area, which is the weak link of the entire shaft. In order to improve this phenomenon, round corners are used for transition at the sudden change of the cross-sectional area of the shaft to improve the overall comprehensive ability of the shaft.

The stress problem in elastic mechanics refers to the phenomenon of locally increased stress in an object, which generally occurs in places where the shape of the object changes drastically, such as gaps, holes, grooves, and rigid constraints. Stress concentration can cause fatigue cracks in objects, and static load fracture of parts made of brittle materials. At the stress concentration point, the large value of the stress, that is, the peak stress, is related to the geometry and loading method of the object. The locally increased stress decays rapidly with increasing distance from the peak stress point. Since the peak stress often exceeds the yie